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Community Awareness Project



COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion Project

The I Got the Shot project began in January 2021 as a way to help promote vaccination against the COVID-19 virus in our community, in hopes that these photographs will help encourage others to receive this important vaccine. My goal is that these images will be shared with and used by local service, health, and medical organizations to aid in promotion of vaccination activities.  

Become Part of the Project

Each volunteer subject has had a COVID-19 vaccination and is photographed wearing their face mask.  They are also given the opportunity to share a simple, handwritten message explaining why they "got the shot." The photographs are then publicly shared on my website and social media pages.

If you would like to be photographed as part of the I Got the Shot project, please contact Jennifer Kearney by phone/text at 540·241·9110 or email at to set up a time and place to take your image.  There is no cost for this activity, other than the few minutes it takes to shoot your photo.  Typically I come to you at your place of work or home, and we take the photo outdoors, socially distanced, with our masks on.  

Thank you for your interest and all you do for the health of our community!!


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