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  • Footwear & Jacket. If we will be walking around during your session, consider bringing a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a jacket or sweatshirt, if the weather calls for it.

  • Glasses. If you plan on wearing glasses in your photos, please make sure to clean the lenses before your session. Also, consider having the fit of your glasses adjusted beforehand to ensure they sit straightly on your face.  It is nearly impossible to edit crooked glasses in a photo once it is taken!

  • Bring a Bag. If you are bringing accessories, make-up or a change of clothes, bring a bag or backpack to carry what you might need along the way.

  • Eat Before You Go. Taking photos is much more fun if you’re not hungry, especially for children!

  • Timing & Tips for Kids.  If you can, try to arrange your session at a good time of day for your kid(s).  For smaller children, it helps to make this the day’s “big event.” Try not to come straight from something like a birthday party or soccer game, when kids tend to be worn out.  For little girls in dresses - "tumble shorts" are a really good idea!


  • Don’t Stress About Posing.  Nearly everyone warns me that they know nothing about posing for photos when we start a photo session. Don’t worry – we will keep it simple and fun!




  • Most importantly, wear clothes you feel great in that show who you are!

  • Keep it Timeless. Typically, we strive to create timeless portraits that can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come.  This is best achieved with simple, classic clothing and accessories.  It is usually good to avoid trendy labels, styles, or jewelry.

  • Solids vs. Patterns. Solid colored clothing photographs well, along with subtle patterns or small stripes.  Loud patterns and stripes can be distracting in an image, but if it helps define your personal style, go for it!

  • Form-fitting = Flattering. Clothing worn for photographs should, in general, fit well and be more form-fitting, as loose or baggy clothing is usually unflattering in images.  Very tight or too-small clothing is not recommended.

  • Dress in Layers. Layers and non-trendy accessories are a great idea!  They allow for us to easily vary the looks in your photos.  Good examples of this are a dress with a jacket or sweater, along with a scarf or hat.  Sometimes accessories also make good “props,” like a jacket slung over your shoulder, or a hat in your hand.

  • Skip Shiny and Sparkly. In general, avoid very shiny, glittery clothing and extra-sparkly make-up, which often does not photograph well.

  • Defined Make-up. If you plan on wearing make-up, think about wearing it a bit heavier than usual.  It is often said you can wear about 25% more make-up than you usually do and have it photograph well.  You can test this out by trying a little more make-up and taking selfies prior to your photo session.

  • Safe Bet Dress.  A one-piece, slightly stretchy dress in a darker solid color photographs well for all feminine body types.  Its look can easily be varied with a jacket, scarf, belt, hat or necklace.

  • Think about Shapewear. Shapewear can make a huge difference in photos.  It smooths and can improve posture!

  • V-necks & Long Necklaces.  Wearing a v-neck top or a long necklace is often slimming and adds interest to an image.

  • Avoid Very Bright Colors. Over-saturated colors can be very distracting in a color photograph, as well as pure, bright white.  Consider medium or lighter tones, and cream or pale gray versus bright white clothes.


  • Colors that Coordinate. For group photos, the colors and tones should compliment each other.  For example, if Dad wears a plaid shirt with several colors in it, consider having the other members of the family wear solid colors or subtle patterns in colors from in his shirt.  Or, choose a palette of 3-4 colors and have everyone choose clothes in those colors.

  • Google/Pinterest Ideas. If you need inspiration, the internet is a great resource. I've had good luck googling "family photoshoot clothing ideas" and clicking on Images.

  • Not Too "Matchy." In general, avoid everyone wearing the same clothing, or having everyone dress in the same color.  Usually these photos end up looking dated rather quickly.

  • Consistent Style. Think about having everyone wear clothing that is similar in its style and formality – avoid having huge swings in style or dress, like one person in a full suit and another in jeans and a t-shirt.

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